Hickory Springs Chittenango, "CHITTENANGO"

PFHA registration number: pending
foaled: May 18, 2011
Sire: Piloto Sin Par
Dam: Replica

Hickory Springs Chittenango is our first colt born on May 18, 2011! This handsome boy made his debut with style. Replica delivered unassisted while staff took a short lunch break! Upon their return, a brand new foal lay at Replica's feet... What a sneaky mare. We had our eye on her for over a week with very little signs of impending delivery. This colt was up and trying to nurse within minutes of his birth. He is strong like his sire, Piloto Sin Par. He is a gorgeous buckskin! We are so pleased with him.

Replica is such a good mama and both baby and dam are doing very well together.

This colt will be retained as well for the time being, so we can see what Mr. P. has produced with our broodmares.

What a darling filly!